Millionaire Match Reviews

Brief introduction

MillionaireMatch is a dating website with a specific catch: its audience is strictly millionaires: very rich people. In other words, the website presents itself as being a platform on which very rich men search for romantic relationships with rich women.

millionaire match

The website is meant to enable the rich to find partners with similar income levels, and thus engage in millionaire dating. Unlike related dating websites, it’s intended for fostering traditional relationships between rich folks, rather than sugar-daddy and sugar-baby relationships. It’s not meant for standard casual or FWB (hookup) relationships.

Website basics

Jason Du, the creator and current CEO of MillionaireMatch, first put it on the Internet in 2001. The site presents itself as being intended for a specific kind of clientele: that of millionaires, or very rich men and women more generally. The site is largely used in the US.

Paid membership to the website costs between 40 to 70 dollars per month, and includes the ability to start conversations, have conversations with any user, and upload as many photos as you like to the websites. Free membership is also a possibility; this includes the ability to view profiles and upload up to 26 photos in your own album. However, initiating conversations and using advanced-search options aren’t part of the free membership. Users will need to pay for a membership in order to access those features.

Currently, there are more than 3.5 million registered accounts on the website. 2700 members log onto the website every day. As per demographic metrics, membership is split roughly equally between men and women. Most users (more than 2.5 million) are American, and are aged between 35 to 54. Both gold memberships and certified-millionaire memberships are likely to be owned by male members.

As with other dating sites, users look through the profiles of other users, to find someone who matches the criteria that they’re looking for. These profiles include photos, personal biographies and interests. Unlike other dating websites, however, they also include information on annual income and net worth.

Registration process

Registration takes seven to ten minutes. You sign up on the website with your email and a unique password. The first step after that is to fill out your profile, to which you’ll attach pictures of yourself. Profiles are often quite detailed, and include a lot of information, allowing users access to greater information on their potential mates. As well as your age, income and gender, you’ll include details like your height, body type, and ethnicity origins.

Profiles include sections and tabs giving information on their annual income, their net worth, their lifestyle and hobbies, their relationship status, and what they look like. Users also include “about me” sections, so that they can describe themselves in their own words. Profiles also can comment by other users.

Free memberships

You can always see the profiles and photos of other users, regardless of whether you have a premium membership or not. Free members can also ask live support staff for help using the services, winking to other users (so that they know you have your eye on them), and reply to messages sent by others. Free-membership users also have access to a private album with photos others have sent them; only they can see this album. They can add up to 26 of their own photos, and post on the forums and blogs.

Paid memberships

One month of premium membership costs 70 USD, and three months costs 135 dollars. A six-month membership is 240 dollars (roughly 40 dollars per month). Users can pay for their Gold memberships via money orders, credit cards, or PayPal accounts. You can get a membership for one, three, or six months; only the one-month subscription will be renewed automatically, without the user needing to take more steps.

The premium membership offers around forty features that can’t be found in the free membership. Among these features is the ability to start a conversation with another user; conversations can take the form of either chats (IMs) or private messages. However, free members have the ability to reply to conversations that other users start with them—so if a user has an attractive profile, they can find a good millionaire mate without needing to pay a cent. It’s a lot easier to find a mate if you pay for a membership, however.

Premium members can use the live chat to talk to MillionaireMatch counselors, chatting (instant messaging), start a conversation with another user, and see if other users read the e-mails they have sent. They can view how often a given user checks responds to private messages—so that that have a good idea of whether or not their messages will go unread—and view those users who have been responding positively to their profiles.

Premium members can use advanced-search options, as well as have their profiles show up at the top of search results. Advanced-search functionalities enable the rich men and women of the site to search profiles so that they can find those members whose personal criteria fit their preferences exactly.

It is possible to obtain bonus gold membership, which can be done by reporting profiles of users who attempt to scam or deceive other users. Other ways to obtain gold membership include proposing suggestions to improve website quality; finding other websites to partner with MillionaireMatch, to increase awareness of the platform; and sharing and promoting MillionaireMatch on social media. They can also share tips for going on amazing dates and increasing safety in dating.


The website also offers various features that members can use to meet each other and potentially find their perfect millionaire mate. Among these features are the site’s forum boards, various blogs (opinion posts or thinkpieces generated by users), and Let’s Meet, or roulette matching (i.e., randomly generated matches that fit the criteria you’re searching for), which first debuted in 2013.

The forum feature allows all users to ask questions and recount their personal experiences dating millionaires. The blog function, which resembles a giant forum board, lets users post their advice and opinions about anything related to dating millionaires or the dating world. Other users can comment on their posts and give their own advice.

Another section of the website lets users give their opinions and advice on many dating ideas, including ideas for first dates, sporting events, museum visits, and first-class activities. There is also a section in which ideas are suggested based on the ages of the partners.

Finally, the website even has a section on which users can post pictures of the luxury items that they own.

Mobile app

The app, which is available on Android phones via Google Play, shares the same options that the website does, without adding new ones. However, it’s not compatible with every device, and frequently has errors or bugs. On the positive side, the verification process required to use the app has more restrictions than the website, so users are less likely to engage in deceptive practices.

Security and privacy

MillionaireMatch takes various measures to protect the privacy of its members. For example, the “Recall Message” feature allows users to delete information from users they are no longer in contact with, including photos and individual messages, as well as entire conversations. This ensures that, when a user decides to stop talking to another user, that second user’s privacy is protected: no longer will anyone be able to access these private messages and photos.

Further, the website allows profiles to be validated, which in turn means that its users are protected against both scammers and fake profiles. All profiles, as well as all photos users upload, must be approved by site staff before they can go live. Validation takes two to twenty-four hours, and works to improve safety and security of users. It allows fake accounts to be deleted almost instantly, so that only legitimate profiles remain online.

Further, when members upload a picture of a legitimate ID to the website, their photos and profile are then considered as “verified”. Having a verified identity enables users to put their profiles at the top of the search results.

The website also allows a special category of users for Certified Millionaires. This category—which, on users profiles, is indicated by the image of a diamond, allows members to prove that they truly are millionaires, by providing the wbste with a copy of their bank statements or tax returns, as well as documents that verify their identity.

Design and usability

The design of this millionaire dating website is user-friendly and easy to follow: features can be found on the menu on top of the screen, and each has a drop-down menu. The whole thing is outfitted in its colors of black and gold. Every page has a readable sidebar, which adds more detail. For example, pages in the forum and blogs sections use their sidebars to illustrate what posts are popular, and the categories that posts fall under.


It’s true that, nowadays, there are many websites which supposedly allow for millionaire dating. MillionaireMatch, however, is different from these websites in that it allows users to certify their income with tax returns and bank statements. Not to mention, the website has been online since 2001—longer not only than other millionaire-dating websites, but also many other websites in general, including OkCupid (2004).

Compared to other dating websites, MillionaireMatch has an expensive premium membership. However, it offers excellent features, like the ability to do advanced searches and put your profile at the top of the search results. If you participate in the website in simple ways (such as by reporting scammers and fraudulent profiles, or advertising it on your social media), you can gain access to a gold membership.

The site’s security and privacy features, including the ability to delete entire conversations, also puts it miles ahead of much of the competition: many dating websites don’t offer many, if any, security features. It’s also one of the best-known websites for finding and dating millionaires, particularly in the United States. When all is said and done, it’s a safe, great place to meet other millionaire singles, and therefore an excellent choice for everyone interested in dating that demographic.

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