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Brief introduction

Rich singles can have a hard time dating. They can’t tell if people are after their money or want to truly have a date. Often times, they would rather just have people be upfront about wanting money. But you don’t have to struggle with dating as a rich single if you use the right website.


Over the last few years a number of websites have popped up that are exclusively designed for millionaire dating. They only except the wealthy and can offer a fair amount of benefits. One of those websites is Luxy. A website that you may not have heard of before but that has made a big splash in the rich singles scene.

In this review we are going to go over what you need to know if you are considering Luxy as a dating site.

The Registration Process At Luxy

Registration at Luxy is pretty different from just about any other dating website. Including websites that are in the millionaire dating industry. In order to create an account you will need to be voted onto the website by the existing members. Members get a chance to vote yes or no to your profile and for an account to be approved, you need to get at least a 50% approval rating.

Luxy’s unique way to approve profiles helps to keep the website exclusive and to eliminate fake profiles.

Another interesting registration feature is the ability to add luxury brand names to your profile. You can edit these later but it helps to show others that you are in fact a rich single. There is also a personality test involved in the registration.

The Luxy App?

Luxy has an app for both Android and iOS (Apple). When you open up the app you will find that it has a dark theme that is easy on the eyes. As you go from page to page, it is smooth and seamless. Many users think the Luxy app is easier to use than the website. It is easier and more convenient to get around.

When browsing profiles on the Luxy app is one of the places that you will find the app performs better. Image scaling performs better on the app. Another area is that the platform works well with touch input.

If you want to add a verified photo to your profile, you are going to need to use the app. The app is currently the only place that a photo can be verified.

Unlike many other dating apps, all of the features and settings available on the website version of Luxy are available on the app.

Features of Luxy

You can send virtual roses to members that you like. A way to make it known that you are interested. Having a way to stand out and attract attention on a dating website always gives you a way to get a step up.

Free members are able to browse profiles, including photo albums. You can also create and update your own profile. Being able to see profiles allows you to gauge whether or not there are users in your area or users that will meet what you are looking for.

If you want to be able to send free messages, you can verify your income. With a verified income, you can get one message a day for free. Each verified photo will also get you a one-time free message and 10 coins to use as currency on the website.

We talked about the feature where users have to be voted into the website. This is a very popular feature but some rich singles just want to be able to join the website. You can skip the voting process if you want to pay for a Luxy BLACK membership right out of the box.

Luxy BLACK membership also comes with the ability to message users you have not matched with. Something that you may want, but also something that may be not worth it. You match with people based on interest which can be helpful. BLACK also comes with the ability to hide when you look at someone’s profile.

One of the popular search features is the ability to search by location. You can look for people based on where you are or where you are going. Often times rich singles want to be able to find dates when they are traveling around the world.

Other Luxy BLACK member features:

  • Send a full bouquet of roses
  • Message anyone at any time
  • Sort by income to make millionaire dating easier
  • View verified users above others

Design and Usability

Most usable websites focus on being plain and having a basic design. But millionaire dating requires something more. Something fancy. Luxy’s website tends to emulate a design that screams rich singles. The buttons have fancy designs and you will find roses and bouquets around.

Some might think that having a fancy design would make the website harder to use but due to the clientele, Luxy spent a lot of time refining their design to make it easy to use. Just taking a look at the design you can see that the website is cared for.

Pros and Cons

Luxy is a fancy website and that alone tends to attract attention from rich singles. But before they join a website they want to know the pros and cons of the service. These help to give a brief overview of the information here and everything else that can be found on the company.


  • Income is easy to determine from profiles
  • Unique member verification and exclusivity
  • Add-ons and upgrades are available for users
  • Photo verification and income verification for extra authenticity
  • A great mobile app for both major operating systems
  • Detailed profiles


  • The website is left lacking in comparison to the app
  • More profile information to read
  • Higher costs
  • Member voting to get in

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are a big concern for millionaire dating. Whether the rich single is high profile or not, they want to be able to keep their information away from prying eyes. They also do not want anyone stalking them. By needing to vote members onto the site or pay a large fee, the website is pretty exclusive and that by itself creates a level of privacy.

You can block members on the website if you want to prevent them from messaging you or being able to interact with your profile. To do this you can simply unmatch with them.

If you have a big problem with a user or a privacy issue with the website you can contact customer support around the clock. A contact is added to your profile named Luciana and that is the website’s customer support service. You can also email

The Wrap-up

Luxy has a unique community of rich singles specifically looking for millionaire dating. It is a great community as long as you make a profile that is attractive to other users, because they are going to have to vote on your profile. As long as you are a rich single, it is a great option for dating. The cost might be high but those who use the website get results that are worth it.

If you are looking to find rich singles like you then Luxy is a great option. But we always recommend looking at all of the options available. We have a number of overviews written up for dating websites for rich singles and millionaire dating. Make sure to read them to get all of the information.

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