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Brief introduction

Hepays is an online dating site that is specially designed for attractive and interesting wealthy men and women looking to have fun and explore the love side of life. One of the core motives of this site is to help women get genuine hits and also, for couples to sincerely carry out their mutually beneficial relationship.


According to stats, the website is growing at a tremendous pace since it started in 2014. It has reached over 100,000 members who are every ready to mingle with potential lovers. Although there are slightly more women than men on the site, it is still an excellent place to find wealthy men. Unlike other similar sites out there where women are often overwhelmed with useless and spammy messages, Hepays brings a solution to such an anomaly by introducing the credit method.

It automatically deducts the credit from the person that send you a message. That way, it cuts down on the number of useless messages you might receive. In Hepays, you can add as many pictures are you like, or even remain anonymous with no pictures at all.

It is the number one site where women who are looking for rich men to date hang out. Most at times, these attractive beautiful women leave a lot of dating sites due to the overwhelming attention. But with Hepays, the scenario is different. Hepays offer freedom and space, a virtue that other sites ignore.

In this excellent sites, wealthy men are focused on having fun and recreation in their life with those who care for them, the women, on the other hand, are looking for convenience. Although it isn’t always about financial support, rather the ability to socialize and have fun.

Another thing to take note of is; the site allows members to contact each other, only on their terms and their wishes. They can choose to look for partners in their locale, or even travel to other countries if traveling isn’t a hassle.

Registration Process

Registering with Hepays is very fast and straightforward. Within 3 – 4 minutes, you have already created an account and on your way to working on your profile. After successfully setting up your account, it is imperative you fill out your profile details.

The catchier or attractive your profile looks; the more chances you have of getting lots of hits. Add your email address, address, describe yourself in a few words, then list the features or type of partners you are looking for. As soon as you join, you can view the profile of standard members for free.

Features of Hepays

  • Quality members
  • This dating site is where money talks, this is because to send a message to another member; you need to have some credits. It has made it necessary for members to send messages only to members who they are interested in, since messaging cost money.

  • Security
  • Another unique feature Hepays brags about is its security system. But in cases whereby there is an issue, the site administrator can easily be contacted by filling the feedback form, commenting on their Facebook page or through skype.

  • Easy to join
  • Most dating sites are so cluttered with ads and redirection, in such a way that participating as a member becomes war. You need to battle through different tabs before you get successful. With Hepays, you don’t need to worry about that. All you need is just 3 minutes, and you are already a member.

  • Upgrade Account
  • With an upgraded account, you can send as many messages as possible without incurring any additional payment. With this feature, you can also block as many members as you can. Not just that, your post also has a high chance of appearing in the VIP box if your forum rating is very high.

  • Email switch
  • Another unique feature that Hepays have is the ability to switch off email notification. There are lots of rich men no doubt, but sometimes, you need to turn off notification when it is becoming exhausting.

Design and Usability

Hepays’ design is effortless in style, with distinctive buttons that make it easy to flawlessly navigate the site without hassle. Since the dating site if for slightly older people looking for love, they will be able to browse through due to its simple interface. The desktop, tablet, and mobile version of the website is very responsive. No matter the screen from which you visit, the site will adjust accordingly.

Pros and Cons


  • Members are wealthy and real
  • No monthly subscription, unless you want to use the paid version
  • Over 100,000 USA members
  • There is a search filter that helps find the ideal partner you want
  • When a member is online, an icon indicates
  • All profile pictures are free and visible to all
  • No disturbance or spam since messaging requires credit
  • You can block as many members as you want
  • As a premium member, you can send unlimited messages without coins
  • Ability to turn off email notifications


  • Most of the important features like block are only available to paid members
  • The trust point system can be easily manipulated by people who give themselves points with fake profiles
  • Customer support could also be improved for better service.

Membership Levels

  • Over $200: Super Rich + VIP
  • Over $100: Rich + VIP
  • Over $50: Earning well
  • Over $25: Comfortable Earner
  • Over $1: Paying members
  • $0: None

The more money you load up into your account, the more you rank higher. If you are wealthy, load up several hundred dollars to stand out. Standing out means lots of hits and visitors. With over 300 to 600 members every day, paying to rank up pays.


Hepays makes up one of the top sugar dating sites that hold users in high esteem. Whenever shared, it is merely to an advertiser, in other to display targeted ads to users. Before members are signed into the site, they have to agree to this privacy policy before proceeding. In that regards, it is an agreement.

Editor’s Verdict

Hepays has over 100,000 unique members, made up of rich and wealthy men looking for attractive ladies to mingle with. The site is elegant, with cutting edge buttons that make navigation very easy, even to grandmas. One unique feature that sets this site aside is its superb customer support and understanding of member’s plight.

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